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        • Product specification


        • Type

          Nitro and sulfur based

        • Technology


        Product description

        Product introduction

        Jinse,a kind of nitro sulfur compound fertilizer, has the characteristics of instant solubility,quick-acting and lasting effect. After technics improved and formulation (longacting assistant CP added), Jinse has developed from general nitro fertilizerto long-term nitro fertilizer. Now, Jinse will offer better averaged nutrientrelease to crops.

        Product characteristics

        1.      Forma nutrient promoting solution circle

        CP can form acationic solubilization zone around the root of crops, where it can dissolveall kinds of insoluble trace elements in the soil, and then be absorbed bycrops.

        2.      Rapid-melting

        Jinse adoptsthe high purity raw material of the designated manufacturer. Nitrogen source isAmmonium nitrate phosphate, phosphorus source is 72% industrial monoammoniumphosphate, potassium source is 52% potassium sulfate, and water insolublematerial is less than 5%.

        3.      Rapid-acting

        Jinse contains8-10 nitrate nitrogen, which can be directly absorbed by crops, and Supplementsare quick and powerful.

        4.      longand uniform release term

        Under theaction of CP, Jinse’s nutrient is released slowly, and the release cycle islong. Depending on the crop, the duration can reach 45-90 days.

        5.      Buildroot

        CP can buildroot and promote root growth of crops.

        6.      Safety

        It containsno biuretand is safe to use. It is nontoxic to crops.


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