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        The historical

        • 2017

        • 2016


          The company has three patents in succession
          "Loose Charter"
          "New type of active feeding conveying device"
          "New Low Noise Strike Removal Device"
          March 2016
          The company won the "Guangzhou City Enterprise Technology Center"
          13 April 2016
          Radome launched a new model of joint training of talents with the South China Agricultural University, and jointly signed a number of cooperation projects such as "Undergraduate internship base", "Joint cultivation of graduate student base", "Ladamei class", and "Party branch activities." 1 May 2016
          "Ladomi-million tons of potassium compound fertilizer" propaganda slogan successfully landed in a central weather forecast Xining plate, Ladomi-brand into a new calendar monument 15 September 2016
          Lado Meining Mausoleum Company "Development and Application of Potassium Humic Acid with High Activity against Hard Water" Project passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements

        • 2015

          7 January 2015

          Ladome Business School Agricultural Investment Elite Class(Phase II)
          22 March 2015
          The first tower of Radomey(Ningling) Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was successfully capped
          12 May 2015
          Guangdong Radome Fertilizer Co., Ltd.. Party branch was named "Nansha District Non-public
          Ownership Enterprise Party Construction Demonstration Unit"
          June 2015
          The company was named "Guangzhou Cleaner Production Enterprise"
          October 26
          Radome(Ningling) Fertilizer Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony, Henan Ningling million-ton new base put into operation

        • 2014

          April 2014

          The company won the "Guangdong famous trademark"
          14 June 2014
          Radome(Ningling) Fertilizer Co., Ltd..
          The foundation laying ceremony marked Radamey
          It's the first step in a national layout.
          July 2014
          Ladado Business School Established
          November 2014
          Foshan Base Sign Investment Agreement

        • 2013


          The company has four patents on inventions
          A Granulation Tower
          A Mixture Device
          A Full Water Soluble Uretic Compound Fertilizer and Its Preparation Method
          A Full Water Soluble Nitro Composite Fertilizer and Its Preparation Method
          In June, it obtained a production safety standardization enterprise
          In November, it won the most core competitive enterprise in Guangdong Province

        • 2012

        • 2011

          14 February 2011

          The company's second tower production line was officially put into operation
          November 2011
          The company was rated as a high-tech enterprise
          November 2011
          The company won "Guangdong famous brand products"

        • 2010

          March 2010

          The company started a full-scale plant renovation, Construction of Phase I Plant Renovation Project


          The company's total production capacity exceeded 600,000 tons 29 November 2012
          The inauguration of the company's new office building marks the company's
          Phase III plant renovation works completed
          December 2012
          The company won the "Guangzhou Famous Trademark"

        • 2009

          11 June 2009

          The company held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new tower, Article 2 Construction of the production line of the tower shall begin
          South China Agricultural University Phase I Agricultural Technology Training courses
          Obtain "A kind of Tower granulation production complex Method of Fertilizer Invention Patent

        • 2008

          November 2008

          Ladami-Sun Yat-sen University EMBA Phase I Advanced Training Class
          Implementation of the "512" marketing strategy, Zujianladuo(50 Core dealers, 1,000 core retail outlets, 20,000 core Growers)

        • 2007

        • 2006

        • 2005

          November 2005

          The company's first tower melting granulation production line Officially put into production, the company's total production capacity of 400,000 tons

        • 2004

          November 2004

          The company built the first tower melt granulation production line, It was the third tower production line in the country at the time.

        • 2003

          19 December 2003

          Guangdong Lado Meimei Fertilizer Co., Ltd.. Established
          The company has a capacity of 250,000 tons
          1 Sprinkler Granulation Production Line
          1 disk granulation production line
          1 BB Fertilizer Production Line

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