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        Experiment and
        demonstration figure

        • 【Case notes】 Venue: Jiangmen Kaiping Chishui; Fertilization: pursuit of Bizun 15-15, 30 jins / Mu; User evaluation: good quality, fast growth, very satisfied with the effect; Effect: high yield, high quality and good sale of melon.
        • 【Case notes】 Location: Longchuan County, Heyuan City; Crops grown: lettuce; Fertilization: Fertilizer, gold 16-16-16 ,15 kg/mu; User evaluation: dissolved well, drip irrigation can be, lettuce growth potential is very good; Use effect: fast absorption, fast growth, large and thick leaves, smooth leaves, ideal results.
        • 【Case notes】 Location: Tangshan, Hebei; Fertilization: one-time use of Nimitz 40kg/mu; User evaluation: Corn grows high, sticks are large, and matures early; Use effect: Fertilizer effect is lasting, corn yield is high, grow fast, use safe.
        • 【Case notes】 Venue: Tuanshan Village, Jincheng Town, Jinning County, Kunming City; Fertilization: Mochui 17-17, 40 jins per Mu; User evaluation: Mochicui dissolves very quickly, fat efficiency is long. The vegetables are large, very neat, with developed roots, good color, and very good fertilizer; Use effect: the use of mochure Shanghai green, the root system is developed, the growth is neat, leaves thick green and thick, yield increases.
        • 【Case notes】 Venue: Binzhou, Shandong; Fertilization: base fertilizer, 40kg/mu, seed fertilizer co-sowing; User evaluation: Good seedling emergence, balanced seedling growth, green leaves, developed root system; Use effect: early emergence of seedlings, dark green leaves, uniform growth potential, developed root system.


        The field
        planting guide

        • On October 20, Guangdong Ladome Fertilizer held a high-quality rice planting observation in the Luoding rice planting area and invited many rice growers. The technology of rice planting management and the identification of different periods of high quality rice were explained by the technical personnel of Ladomie Company. The experience of rice cultivation was exchanged, and the practice and theory were combined to improve the farmers 'planting level.
        • Pineapple and banana are the main cash crops of Xuwen in zhanjiang province, and their production management technology is very important to farmers. In March, Ladomi-United Qujie Town's general agricultural supermarket held a knowledge lecture on the management of pineapple and banana science and technology, attracting nearly 700 people.
        • On October 31, 2017, Geshutian held a live observation meeting using the golden stone in Baoluoyuan Village, Nanshan Town, Xuwen, inviting large growers nearby. The golden product characteristics and the use methods of different crops were explained by the technical staff of Lado. And the use of live question and answer method, to solve the farmers in the process of various problems encountered, received consistent praise.
        • Ladamei Technology went to the township through train(Lianshan Yonghe Town) On June 15, 2017, Ladado and the government of Yonghe Town of Lianshan City held a through train for science and technology to go to the countryside, inviting experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Lado Mei technicians to explain the management of fruit trees and the use of fertilizer for farmers. The purpose is to guide the sense of fertilizer management, scientific fertilizer management and scientific management of new fruit tree farmers in Yonghe Town.
        • On September 25, 2017, in Tiangong Village, Zhonglong Township, Meishan Danling, Guangdong Province, more than 130 people were organized to observe the citrus of the demonstration households. Under the same management, the citrus trees that used the Radome fertilizer were better. The leaves are greener and thicker, and the observing farmers are full of praise. And by the technical personnel of Lado Meimei explained the scientific cultivation management technology of citrus, and the identification and management of pests and diseases, deficiency.

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