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        • Product name

          Bizun(15-5-26) Potassium nitrite(50KG)

        • Total nutrient


        • Product specification


        • Type

          Nitro and sulfur based

        • Technology


        Product description

           一、Product Profile

           Due to Gaotafei's special high temperature process, the tower process is not compatible with organic synergistic agents. It is necessary to innovate the coating technology of coated slow release fertilizer, upgrade the tower technology, and use organic membrane to wrap fertilizer. At the same time, it realizes the integration of various biological stimuli(increasing production, sweetening, and resistance) on nitrosulfur fertilizers.

            二、Product characteristics

           1、Organic Polymeric Membrane -- Multifunctional Integration

           Bizun combined polyglutamic acid and potassium yellow humic acid into a membrane material to achieve potassium yellow humic acid to Nitro fertilizer package, through the coating process will be given a variety of functions.

           2、Organic Slow Release Technology

           The organic sustained release technology adopted by Bizun, the sustained release effect of organic sustained release technology is comparable to that of various sustained release(long-acting) technologies, and it is more environmentally friendly.

           3、A slow-release agent


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